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JNP Apartments rents apartments for people of all ages in Jyväskylä, Muurame and Laukaa. Our youth apartments' are mainly aimed at applicants between 18 and 33 years. There are also houses with no age restrictions and houses aimed at senior citizens aged 60 and up.

Our housing advisors offer light support for our young residents in becoming independent. They also arrange activities and meetings, help solve payment questions and help solve all questions related to living in a rented home. All the tenants can contact the housing advisors when they feel the need to at asumisneuvonta (a) jnp.fi.

Applying for apartments can be done via an online application system.

We are sorry to inform you, that the application is currently only in Finnish. After sending your application, a confirmation message will be sent to you. Your application is valid for 3 months at a time.

Vacant apartments are offered to one person at a time. All inquiries can be made in English at asuntotoimisto (a) jnp.fi.

Apply for apartments here

Contact our office or send an email: asuntotoimisto (a) jnp.fi,
or call us at +35810 2811854.

Notice of the termination of the rental agreement (print pdf)

Here are some good sources in different languages for living in a rental apartment:

Finnish Youth Housing Association NAL

NAL ABC of Housing



vuokra-asunto Jyväskylä

vuokra-asunto Jyväskylä

Anna palautetta

Me JNP Asunnoilla haluamme kehittää toimintaamme sekä asunnon hakijoiden että asukkaidemme suuntaan. Palaute on meille tärkeää, sillä se auttaa meitä kehittämään palveluitamme. Voit antaa meille ideoita tai palautetta yhteydenottolomakkeen kautta.
Anna palautetta
Asuntotoimiston yhteystiedot:
p. 010 2811 854

maanantaisin 12–15
tiistaisin 12–15
keskiviikkoisin 12–15
torstaisin 12–15
perjantaisin 9–12

Palvelemme vain ajanvarauksella.
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